Code of Honor

We don’t accept just anyone into our team of experienced, dedicated professionals. We attract and retain only the best of the best, those individuals who have a true commitment for continuing education and transforming that into building better financial lives for others. At Five Rings Financial, we’re proud to live and work by our Code of Honor.

Five Rings Financial Code of Honor

  • We are a championship team … not just a team of champions!
    We recognize that sometimes you need the team, and sometimes the team needs you.
  • We must be great before we can be great big!
    What truly attracts large numbers of people to any cause is evidence of changed lives … lots of changed lives. People want to go where lives are being bettered, where hurts are being healed and where hope is being restored.
  • The function of leadership is producing more leaders, not more followers!
    Ultimately, leaders are judged by the success of the people they choose to lead in their careers.
  • If you want to change something in your life, you are going to have to change something in your life!
    You can’t outgrow your self-image. For things to change, you must change.
  • The love of people is the root of all success!
    Respect people, make money and have fun.