Many consumers today are primarily concerned with having enough to last in retirement. Today’s annuities offer an array of features and benefits that can generate an income you can’t outlive, provide a legacy for loved ones and even help you take care of long-term care expenses should that need arise.

Life Insurance

You care about your loved ones and want to make sure they’re protected at all times … whether you’re here or not. Are you underinsured – or not insured at all? Is your current policy meeting all of your legacy and accumulation needs? We’ll work to create the type of confidence in your coverage that you and your family deserve.

Long-Term Care

It’s always a challenge to be prepared for life’s “what ifs.” With increasing longevity and rising healthcare costs, the thought of needing elder care, long-term care or nursing care can seem overwhelming. Let us show you the variety of options available, from stand-alone LTC insurance to other strategies that provide for this specific need.

Group Health

Joining a group health plan can save you money in premiums and provide great benefits. Yet, for consumers, shopping around for these policies can be confusing. We walk you through the entire process and work to find you a perfect match.

Individual Health

Each one of us is unique, and we all have different health needs. Finding the right individual health insurance policy for anyone – no matter your health history – is one of our specialties. Our agents would love to show you the way!

Disability Insurance

Having a disability is a large enough obstacle. The last thing needed is difficulty with insurance companies. There is a great policy waiting out there for each disabled Middle American, and we can help you find it!

401(k) Plan

Changing jobs? Or looking to take a closer look at your retirement finances? Whether you’re looking to maximize the benefits of a 401(k) plan or consider all of your rollover options, we are here to make it happen. Our expertise and decades of experience can provide comprehensive and rewarding solutions.

Business Insurance

As an entrepreneur or business owner, you know the importance of an insurance policy that suits your specific needs. With our resources, we can make sure your outfit has the coverage and protection it deserves, from key person coverage and supplemental employee retirement plans to BOLI (bank owned life insurance) and COLI (corporate owned life insurance).

Individual Dental

Too often dental coverage is pushed aside as a secondary concern in caring for one’s health. Our agents understand its importance and are here to offer the best knowledge and techniques for securing coverage that meets you and your family’s needs.

Medicare Supplement

Medicare is essential to the financial well-being of millions of Americans – but sometimes, it’s just not enough. If you have a need for filling the gap between Medicare coverage and the rest of your healthcare expenses, contact us. We specialize in finding just the right policy to ensure you’re not left paying heavy out-of-pocket costs.

Short-Term Medical

Sometimes extra assistance is needed to cover medical expenses – but only temporarily. If you or a loved one has short-term protection against unexpected healthcare expenses, our agents are ready to help you use quick and easy techniques to find the coverage you’re looking for. Contact us or call us today at 800.556.2240.