Women’s Network

Because women have very specific financial needs and goals that may or may not be different from men, Five Rings Financial developed a Women’s Network to address these challenges. We recognize that a growing number of women are adding financial responsibility to their list of priorities and created our Wine, Women and Wealth program accordingly.

Our Women’s Network is comprised of passionate, open-hearted, smart, fun-loving women who are committed to helping other women grow their financial freedom and make a difference in the world. By joining the Women’s Network, you’ll benefit from training focused on enhancing your ability to connect, relate and create – while simultaneously learning to share tips for financial prosperity. What’s more, it’s completely free to join.

If you’re looking to grow your financial wealth while helping other women do the same, this is the place for you! Member benefits include:

  • Regularly scheduled Wine, Women and Wealth community gatherings filled with opportunities for fun and socializing, creating business connecting and enlightening others with financial education
  • Semi-annual give back programs
  • Reduced admission to our annual conference and celebration
  • Support and encouragement from other members of the community

We are women of all ages, races and walks of life. Our connections are as important as our finances and we love having fun. We are joined together by our common desire for financial security, independence and freedom, and know that giving back to those less fortunate feels good in our hearts. Some of us taste wine at our events; some don’t. There are no rules. Join us in helping give back to women just like you.